Our view of Multimedia

The computer is an extension of mind. Multimedia enhances this extension further by incorporating the sensory inputs of the mind namely sound and visuals, enriching the way we receive, store, retrieve and interact with the information.

At the functional level, multimedia is a digital integration of multiple media including text, pictures, animation, sound, video. Not only this. What provides meaning to this mix is interactivity, which lets the user interact with the material, to get the multi sensory information, to investigate and explore, thus transforming a passive recipient in to an active participant.

Interface Design

Interface design is a fine balance between technology and aesthetics, structure, flexibility, form and function. Good interface design requires balanced creativity, better understanding of the objectives of the production, a passion for harmony. A good interface should let the user to enter and retrieve the data and then facilitating the user to achieve the objectives of the application.

Functional Flow

After the design is approved by the team and client, the functional flow we follow while handling a multimedia task involves designing, importing, integration and delivering.

  Designing involves designing, drawing, painting, resizing images and formatting text.

  We provide a quality customer support and we always accept problems and queries regarding
    the developed application.

  Importing involves importing and integration of images, audio, video and setting up the animation.

  Integration involves Sequence linking, scripting, programming and testing of the project.

  After completion of the testing we deliver to the client or we host that in case of a web presentation.