Web Design and Development Process

We follow a set of rules and a functional flow while handling a web application. Our Web development process is as follows:


We discuss with you to know exactly what your requirements are. Then we analyse and create a documentation to find out the objectives of your application, who your real end users are and what exactly to be conveyed, form and functionality.


Then we give you the complete specifications about the application requirements, time and project costs.

Database design:

If it is an e-commerce application or involved database-driven content, the designing of the database will be done at this level.

Interface Design:

After the commitment at the specifications level, our graphic designing team designs the interface of the application. Then it will be submitted for the approval of the entire team and client.


If it is an e-commerce application or dynamic content based site, the coding of the system will be completed at this level.


After completion of building your application, before it is made online, we spend more time on testing it in the perspective that it meets the requirements of the system analysed at the analysis level. After successful completion of testing, we make the application live and accessible.

Site promotion:

We submit your web site to the major search engines and directories. Of course nobody can guarantee a site's ranking in the search engines, But our expertise in site optimisation can help your site to get a good placement in the search engine rankings.


We provide a quality customer support and we always accept problems and queries regarding the developed application.

Web Development